Decoy Wallet

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Q: What is included?

A: We don't go too deep into the details here to make the wallets less recognizable and more safe. But they have everything you would expect to find - credit/debit cards, gym/membership cards, business cards, and of course a wallet. Just add a few dollars in cash and you're ready to go!

Q: How will this keep me safe?

A: We have looked at every aspect to make the wallet as safe as possible. 

The wallet - has no tags, logos, or imprint markings. Each wallet is also roughed up with sandpaper and wire brushes so they look well worn and used.

The cards - all professionally printed, the look and feel are exactly the same as your working cards.

On top of that no two wallets have the same contents. We print multiple styles of credit cards, membership cards, and business cards. The wallets are also periodically changed out for new styles.

Q: Why can't I make my own?

A: There are a lot of articles out there about making your own mugger's wallets, and they generally recommend getting an old wallet and filling it with expired ID's, credit cards, and old receipts, but there are a few problems with this:

-most of us don't have enough expired cards laying around to fill a second wallet

-if you lose your ID they now have your picture, full name, and address

-and, credit card numbers don't usually change from card to card. So even if it's expired they have your credit card number and just have to try a few expiration dates to use it online.

Q: How do I use a decoy wallet?

A: We recommend adding a small amount of cash you wouldn't mind losing, and using it for your everyday purchases. Keep your real wallet somewhere safe and carry this one on you.

Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship internationally! No matter where you are or where you're going, we can get a wallet sent out to you.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Just send us an email at or submit it on the Contact Us page.